Men’s Masters Squad

Men’s Masters Squad

Hello and a warm welcome from the men veterans of Norwich Rowing Club. Reading this section indicates that you’re thinking about participating in the sport but probably need a nudge in the right direction to take the first step.

If you are a complete beginner we run ‘taster Days’ and ‘Learn to row’ courses throughout the year and if you have done ‘a little’ before and want to start again, we will fit you in with crew mates of your experience and age. You may have rowed before at school or college some years ago and want to start up again. You may see rowing as an alternative to sitting in a gym on a machine. You may have a son or daughter, already involved in the sport and want to take part as well. Whatever the reason Norwich Rowing Club has something to offer.

We have over 40 active veterans at the club ranging from beginners to elite. Everyone gets involved as much as they want to and many like to compete against local clubs. During the winter months we row on Saturday and Sunday mornings. At 7pm on Wednesday evenings we have a main veteran gym session (usually circuit training) and normally retire to a local hostelry afterwards to replenish all those lost fluids. Other training is completed on rowing Ergometers, resistance machines and running during the evenings and at lunch times.

Veteran (strictly they are officially ‘Masters’) implies somebody who is considerably experienced but realistically in the rowing world, someone over the age 36 and up to, well …… The reason we categorise is that if you do compete, you will row against others in your own age group and not youngsters many years your junior. Yes, we have to accept that Anno Domini does affect our physical performance but not our enjoyment of the sport.

Veteran rowing has experienced a rapid growth over the past decade and Norwich Rowing Club has long been active in this division both locally and nationally. The club can boast victories at all levels from Novice to National and International competitions. British Rowing – our national body – has recognised that new competitors to the sport would be disadvantaged rowing against those who have been competing in the sport for years so now they have introduced Novice and Intermediate events giving everyone a chance of success.

Here are a few more details, to put your mind at ease and set a few expectations.

Do I have to be able to swim?  Yes, definitely. Rowers dont intend to swim, but most of them have at some time or another when their boat capsizes.This is a rare occurrence but in any case you should be able to swim 50m in your rowing kit as a minimum.

Does rowing cost a lot of money?  No it does not. We do charge for our various introductory rowing courses, but the price compares favourably with council sailing lessons and other sports.

What should I wear?  When you start, it is best to wear several layers of thin clothing as this can be easily removed once you get warm. Always bring a complete ‘change’ in case you do get wet. There are many specialist firms that supply rowing clothing and if you do take the sport up, you may wish to purchase clothing in the club colours to match your new crew mates.

Can older people do it?  Yes definitely. On Saturday and Sunday mornings you can see a wide range of older rowers!

Do I have to train hard?  Like most sports, you get out what you put in. If you want to row in one of our competitive crews, then you will have to train as hard as the rest of the crew. If you and a friend want to go out twice a month as a change from tennis, or as a summer activity to stay fit when football and rugby have stopped, then that is fine too.

If after reading this you are still interested then why not e mail us – contact Guy Gibson, the Men’s Master’s Captain at