Everyone who participates in rowing is entitled to do so in a safe and enjoyable environment. All British Rowing (BR) clubs, competitions and associated individuals must follow the policies defined in BR policy documents.

Norwich Rowing Club is committed to helping everyone in rowing accept their responsibility to safeguard children and vulnerable adults from harm and abuse.

If you have concerns about the welfare of any member of the club, speak to the Club Welfare Officer (CWO) without delay.  As well as highlighting any concerns they might have, every club member also has a duty to respect the privacy of others, so please do not discuss the issues more widely.  If you have urgent concerns and the CWO is not contactable, please refer to the club Chair or a captain in confidence.

There are procedures in place that show the steps to be followed to ensure that children and vulnerable adults are protected, that concerns are reported, listened to and acted on appropriately.  You can find a summary of the procedures relating to children through these British Rowing flowcharts.

The relevant process in the case of an adult will depend on the details of the situation, but may follow a similar process to that shown in the flowcharts and the vast majority of cases will involve discussion with the individual who the concern relates to.

Here you will find British Rowing’s own Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy If you have any welfare concerns or queries, please get in touch with NRC Welfare Officer Sam Wheatman at

If you have any water or other safety concerns, please visit the Water Safety pages of this site.