Coxing at Norwich and Learn2Cox

What does a cox do?

The Cox of a rowing crew is the most important person in that boat.   A Cox can win a race on his/her own: something a single rower out of eight other cannot do.  The cox controls everything; and everyone listens to the cox and follows their commands.

Aren’t cox just small, light rowers? Absolutely not!  At Olympic levels, coxes will be physically smaller than their rowers, but what really matters is a cox’s confidence, and quick-thinking, an ability to communicate and motivate, to take decisions and stick to them, and to get the best from the rest of the boat.

What makes a good cox?  Watch this video to find out………..

And to see why a cox can win a race watch this video  (warning: contains language which may offend)

If you would like to explore coxing at Norwich Rowing Club, email us at  We are holding a Learn2Cox course alongside the Learn2Row course (see the Learn2Row page). If you would like to join the course please complete and return the application form. The cost of the course is £50 which includes full club membership for three months, and British Rowing membership and insurance for a year.  That’s less than 50 pence an hour!