13 Jun 2018

Recruit a cox scheme

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Half price subs for next year!  
We all know how valuable a great cox can be: and how difficult it is to recruit and retain great coxes.  A lot of members would love to sweep oar more frequently and race in coxed boats but this has been hampered by a shortage of coxes.  We are hugely grateful to those juniors who help out (sometimes for a fee) but that is not sustainable and does not build coxing capacity and skills in the club. In turn this places considerable additional pressure on coxless boats, whilst expensive coxed boats remain lightly used.   So, we need to recruit, train, nurture, respect coxes, and  – above all – treat them as the most important person in the boat.  To do that we are building a cox training and mentoring program which we hope will be attractive to people of all ages who want to enjoy an outdoor, highly competitive sport.  That program starts with the July Learn2Row course which will include a formal Learn2Cox element: new coxes will be mentored by our experienced coxes, and we aim to arrange masterclasses on the Tideway with some old friends of NRC.
To help encourage members to help recruit coxes, the Club announces today a simple reward scheme : find a cox, get 50% off your membership subscriptions for 2018/19.  In addition, the membership subscription for all coxes is set at £1, and NRC will pay for Gold British Rowing membership for newly recruited coxes.
There’s a few details
  1. Existing members who introduce a cox to a learn to cox programme secure a 50% discount on a single members subscription. This could be given as a refund or a discount from the following year.
  2. It is paid when the cox completes three months of coxing, or 20 outings (which ever comes first).
  3. The discount does not cover family or life subscription: it is 50% of the standard individual members subscriptions. So, it could 50% of adults, or 50% of junior, student, temporary etc.
  4. The scheme is limited to four coxes (need not all be in the same year.)
  5. Committee retains right to vary, extend, or close the scheme.
Who makes a good cox?
Lets not start with weight: that’s a secondary issue. Good coxes are confident, intelligent, calm, quick witted and prepared to make decisions. A good cox wins a race on his/her own: a good rower can’t do that.
Visit the club website Coxing page for more ideas and links to videos promoting the skills of coxing. http://www.norwichrowingclub.co.uk/rowing-at-nrc/coxing-at-norwich/
What happens next?
Nick Francis will administer the scheme via the Learn2Row courses.  The first Learn2Cox course starts on 7 July.  If you know someone interested, ask them to email learnrc@gmail, or speak to Nick.
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