29 Sep 2017

NRC Squad structure 2017/18

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This note sets out an exciting and far-reaching change to the overall squad structures within the club, and in particular how the club will develop new and less experienced rowers.  With immediate effect, the squad structures will comprise
  • Senior squad: captain Calum Page, coached by Richard Hoare.  This is a mixed squad with a focus on high performance events across the racing calendar.
  • Development squad: captain Shelagh Tubby, coached by Martin Tate and Nick Francis (and others). This is a mixed squad for all developing adult rowers

There will continue to be a Masters group, and, of course the Junior Squad led by David Wynne and Alicia Grix.

The Development squad is open to all adult members, but in practice will comprise all the recent L2R graduates, as well as more experienced rowers (in particular masters women and L2R graduates from previous years). Any one is free to join if they want to engage in the squad and receive organised, structured coaching.  Those members in the Development Squad can expect structure, support, coaching and planning, and will enjoy opportunities to row with others. That will benefit both more experienced and less experienced athletes. Over the winter, squad athletes will row in a range of boats with a range of different squad members.  Out of this, crews will emerge ready for racing in the Spring, and then onto regattas in the summer.  Shelagh, Martin and Nick will select those crews and races to maximise success for club and athlete.  Selection will in part depend on commitment and attendance as well as skill and fitness.  There should be opportunities for everyone to race.   A programme of potential races will be circulated.  This model is in part based on how the Junior Squad have operated with such success.
Other member may prefer to row in their existing crews, and are free to arrange their own coaching where possible.  However, because of the demand on resources of boats, coaches and launches, priority will be given to Senior, Development and Junior squad requirements.   We encourage other crews not to book boats during squad sessions.  Development Squad sessions are 830 to 1100 on Saturday and 915 to 1145 on Sunday.   These arrangements should permit Masters and others to row earlier, returning shared boats by 9am.
Early indications are that there could be as many as 40 athletes in the development squad: an exciting challenge for everyone.   This is a new approach for Norwich Rowing Club, has the full support of the committee,.  The club is committed to making it work for everyone.
If you have any questions, or would like to join either squad, please discuss with Shelagh, Calum, or the coaches.   
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