24 Sep 2015

Norwich Rowing Club News September 24th 2015

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Last reminder for club night

 This is your last reminder email for the club night. Tickets have been sold, shoes have been polished, pots have been dusted off and you all should be ready to party on down.

Votes can still be cast on the links provided below. The voting window is open until 2pm on Saturday.



As an additional note from me, Saturday evening is a RUGBY FREE ZONE. There will be some people in attendance at the evening that feel the need to broadcast every dancing Mike Brown run against the invaders from the wrong side of Offa’s dyke. Nevertheless, others at the evening are planning to watch this on fantastic new-fangled catch up television facilities, so will want to go home without prior knowledge of the score. Many thanks in advance!


Evening Rowing Safety Note

 Note from Colwyn:

Get Rave-tastic and remember your dayglow because the evenings are drawing in now and, combined with the recent weather conditions, visibility is getting poor at or around 7.15-7.30 in the evening. For these reasons I think evening rowing should cease very soon unless you plan on being off the water by 7 o’clock.

Please make sure you risk assess each outing and make sure you are visible to other river users. If for any reason you think you will be on the water after sunset (not recommended) in order to comply with Broads Authority regulations you will need to attach suitable lights to your boat as described in my recent newsletter item. Additionally, if you are planning on going on the water please let your nearest and dearest know as if any problems do arise the alarm can then be appropriately raised.


Whitlingham Boat House Page coming soon

 The Whitlingham Boat House is open and approaching full functionality. As a result there will be a dedicated page on the NRC website for documents, links and additional news stories. This page is under construction and will be available in the coming weeks.

For reference in the interim please refer to the following document:

150916 WBF update to clubs

Summary is as follows:

Principle responsibilities:

– Building management – Clive Kilbourn
– Site management other than the main boathouse building –Charles Bracey
– Catering and kitchen – Jeni Barnacle and Jackie Kilbourn
– Gym – Chris Williams
– Bookings – Max Heron and Tracey Kilbourn

1st Floor Bookings – For the time being,  the same Sports Notice Board system as is used for booking the
ER boats. New categories have been added for the bookable areas of the 1st floor. Members will
need to register at http://www.mysnb.com.au?reg252n2xn8qo55245 to use the system.


Kit order and hoodies 

 Eager ‘Facebook’ Beavers may have seen that a kit ordering window has opened on Godfrey. Get your orders in here: www.godfrey.co.uk/club/norwichrc

The window for ordering is open up until Sunday October 4. Remember, the more orders go in the cheaper kit will be!

In addition Hazel Meakin is organising an order of Norwich Rowing Club sweatshirts and hoodies. Fantastic against the cold and for club branding at upcoming head events, the order form is available here: NRC Sweatshirt order form

Please complete and return to Hazel Meakin in person or by email to the address specified on the form.


Head of the Wensum and Early Morning Sculling School Dates

 The last date for September will be next Wednesday, 30 September.

The dates for October will be all the Thursdays: 8, 15, 22 and 29th.

The timed navigational event that is the Head of the Wensum, with breakfast afterwards at the Norfolk Club, will be on Thursday 8 October. Please let Harry Scott know by the end of this week if you intend to row in the event so that he can make sure that the Norfolk Club will have enough bacon and eggs for the breakfast. It is booked for 10 but if everyone on the list above attended there will be 15. There is only parking for 7 cars at the front of the club, so car sharing will be essential.

The Head of the Wensum is the first timed event of the EMSS event this year. Details of this were available in a previous newsletter and the racing poster is available here: THE HEAD OF THE WENSUM.Oct15


 Roger’s Ergs Starting Up

 Roger Croome will be running his erg and coaching sessions from next week; Wednesday 30 Sept being the first session.

Please book your place on the Excel form used last winter – a link to this is available in the members area.

The sessions will be:

– 5.30 to 6.30 pm.

– 6.30 to 7.15 pm

– 7.15 to 8 pm.

If you want to get a bit fitter and improve your technique to enjoy rowing in a boat at the weekends, please book a place and come along. The first two weeks sessions will be a gentle ease back into Ergoing again, followed by a mid-month test over 1000m to set your bench mark for the winter ahead. There will then be a mid-month test each month as the winter progresses.

This is a great session for all abilities and levels of fitness. This is particularly good for new Learn to Row people who want to improve and enjoy rowing more.


Good luck at the Yare Cup

 Here’s to all of you facing the Yare Cup row this Saturday. The perfect way to warm up and celebrate victories will be at the club event in the evening.

Full race reports will follow next week.


Diary dates

UEA Taster Day – 27th September

Norfolk Sculls – October 31st – poster available here: Norfolk Sculls 2015 Poster

Whitlingham Boat House Opening – November 7th

AGM – November 18th

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