08 Oct 2015

Norwich Rowing Club News October 8th 2015

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Key Dates:

Norfolk Sculls October 31st – please see here for a link to the race page on the NRC website: http://www.norwichrowingclub.co.uk/events/events-norfolk-sculls/

Fours Head November 7th – entries are filling up fast so interested parties please report to your squad captain

Masters Fours Head November 8th – see note below from Guy

AGM November 18th

Carrow Cup December 12th


 As per the above the date is set for November 18th. Watch out for some important and exciting news soon from the committee: this will impact how we organise ourselves and bring new rowing opportunities for all adult members

 New Boat

 Some of you may have noticed the Filippi double in the boathouse. This boat was raced by New Zealand women’s double at the recent World Championship. The boat has been donated by a very generous benefactor and on behalf of the whole club; the committee offers our thanks and gratitude to the donor. The boat is suitable for 75 to 85 kg athletes and can be used by members meeting the same criteria applied to the other Fillippi boats.


 As the nights close in and evening rowing becomes more difficult it is time to get into the gym to prepare yourself for next year.  This week has seen the reappearance of two favourites.  Monday (6:30pm) saw the first David Wynne lead session in the old boathouse. This is based upon British Rowing’s best practice for circuits and is an excellent session for all club members.  For £2 (less than a flat white at Costa!) you will make significant progress on your road to flexibility and stamina.

Wednesday saw the start of this season’s Master’s Circuits.  This is a weights based circuit and is open to all who want to work on their strength and stamina. This is held in the old boathouse from 7pm (sharp!).  Loyalty to this session may have something to do with the after circuits recovery session held in The Crown Point Tavern.

Norfolk Sculls 31st October

Please don’t forget this major event in our club’s calendar.  If you are intending on racing you must get in touch with your captain as soon as possible so that entries and boat allocation can be finalised.  Remember that if you are racing in one division you will be expected to help in the other.  There are some duties which need to be carried out before the event so get in touch with your captain and volunteer.

For those of you not racing it is a great event and an opportunity to get to know your fellow club members.

Masters Fours Head 8th November

The first entries from the club have been made and some paid for.  If you want to take part please be aware that there are limited places and entries will not be accepted unless paid for.  The increased interest in Masters rowing has increasingly meant that events are oversubscribed before the published closing date. To avoid disappointment get in touch with your captain today!

Broadland Boat Club Quiz and Chips – Saturday 24th October 18.30

 On behalf of former member Sue Ryan I’d like to advertise her lovely offer of any interested people in going along to the Broadland Boat Club Quiz and Chips on Saturday October 24th, 18.30 for 19.00. This is being held at St Anddrews Hospital Staff Scoial Club, 217 Yarmouth Road, Tjorpe St Andrw, Norwich. NR7 0SQ.

Teams are to be six strong and there is a fully licensed bar. Please contact Sue on sueryan13@hotmail.co.uk if you’re interested.

 Tip of the Week: Equipment Labelling

If there is a crew using a particular boat, who are happy that everything on that boat belongs there, please get in touch with Guy on guy@thegibbies.net. The aim is to work through the fleet methodically and label each boat and its main components. This will make rigging quicker and help us isolate obsolete equipment.

And, finally . . .

 Alan Wells’ history of Norwich rowing club has been uploaded to the club website. Click here for the story in full: http://www.norwichrowingclub.co.uk/about-nrc/club-history/

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