22 Oct 2015

Norwich Rowing Club News October 22

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British Championships

 A decent sized contingent of NRC members made the trek to Holme Pierpoint for the second annual British Rowing Championships. Results are as follows:

–       Seb Matthews rowing in a composite 2x with Harvey Kay from Nottingham finished first in the C final of the open double sculls. This was a great result for the crew who were racing as an open double despite both being lightweights, this due to Seb’s partner who as a J18 can’t race as a lightweight. They would have been 3rd overall in U23 lightweight category.

–       Carl Shiplee, Ed Youngs, Calum Page and Oli Negus racing in the open coxless fours had an incredibly tough draw racing against world and Olympic champions had a great time trial and qualified for the C final. In the race they had a storming start but eventually finished 5th. For a crew at the start of a long season this is a result to be pleased with and build upon!

–       Seb Matthews, after his race in the 2x, raced in a composite quad with two members of Nottingham rowing club and a member of Cambridge 99’s. They finished third in the C final of the open 4x. They were less than a second behind NRC alumnus Steven Parsonage racing for Durham University.

–       Another NRC alumnus Tom Scales in his first year at Oxford Brookes came fourth in the ever competitive open eights.


ETP Update from Katie

The NRC ETP programme has been supploying yet more successes for juniors and U23s in the club. Several athletes have been promoted up a group at Start camps in the last few months including;

Seb Matthews, Dan Johnston (up two groups), Beth Meakin, Bryan Smart (has since gone to ULBC for university) and Toby Craven.

Pending a good enough ergo test result, we have five junior athletes aiming for junior trials, these are: Beth Meakin, Dan Johnston, Max Lewis-Williams, Hattie Bracey and Toby Craven. Seb Matthews is aiming to compete in U23 lightweight trials alongside our Olympic hopefuls, in his pink boat (which was supposed to be white!). I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing them luck and thanking Katie for the amount of work she has put in to see these improvements in the group!


Belongings in the Boat House

 Please ENSURE YOU PUT YOUR BELONGINGS SAFELY AWAY WHEN YOU GO OUT ON THE WATER. There has been a reported theft recently due to wallets etc. being left in the old boat house. Belongings must be made secure and not easy to get at.


Site Maintenance Day – Saturday 24 October – 1030 to 1230hrs

There will be a maintenance day on 24 October to get the site looking at its best for the Norfolk Sculls and the opening ceremony.  Please come along and help, bringing any brooms, rakes, strimmers, hedge cutters, wheelbarrows, and other garden tools you may have.  There is a range of tasks that need doing including filling potholes in front of the boathouse, clearing gutters, cutting back undergrowth in the compound and around the boathouses, removing rubbish, cleaning out the boatsheds etc.


Start of the Frostbite Sailing Club Season

Available here: Norwich Frostbite sailing Club Fixtures 2015-16 is the winter programme for Frostbite Sailing Club. There will normally be a first race will start at 10.55 with boats on the water from around 10.40. Most will be off the water by 12.00 with the second race starting around 12.20. All boats will be off the water by 13.30 except on 3 race days when it will be finished around 14-30.   Start procedure will be 10 min. signal, 5 min. signal, start.  Orange flashing light will be on at 5 min. signal and off immediately after start.


Please be aware and ensure that you are safe during these busy times on the river.


Norfolk Sculls 31st October

Entries for this race are building but as this is a local race we should be aiming to “empty the boathouses”.  It is a great opportunity to have a go and see why others see it as such good fun. Anyway, please get in touch with your Captain as soon as possible and ask him/her about how you can get involved.


David Wynne’s Ergo Programme

David Wynne has, for the last few years, produced a programme of ergo exercises targeted at the Masters E & F men.  This is a long term programme (approx 40 weeks) which leads towards Henley Masters.  If you sign up David will email you two ergo challenges a week and include you on a spreadsheet.  It is up to you if you decide to ‘accept’ these challenges but, if you do, you will be able to publish your results alongside everyone else.

We are looking to incorporate David’s programme into a wider training schedule which will reflect your aspirations and ability, however this will take a little time to achieve.

In the meantime, if you are interested in joining David’s happy band of ergo ‘warriors’ please contact him at: wynnerowing@aol.com


For sale: Pair of Sculling blades

Guy Gibson has a pair of Dreissigacker (Concept2) blades for sale.  They have rowing style handles which are slightly larger than the norm but which can be changed.  They also come with Vortex edging strips should these be required.  He’s looking for around £100 but open to sensible offers. Please contact Guy at guy@thegibbies.net


Tip of the Week

Put a boat back on the rack cleaner than when you took it off!

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