01 Oct 2015

Norwich Rowing Club News October 1st 2015

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Norwich Rowing Club Evening

 The NRC 2015 Awards was a great first event for the club in the WBH, a really successful celebratory presentation for all sections of the club. For many members it was also an opportunity to see the fantastic trophies that the club holds and sense the long history behind NRC. Congratulations again to all the Award winners, please see attached to this email for a full list, and that includes all participants in the Yare Cup, of course, which was also on display on Friday night! The committee would like to thank the Fundraising Group, led by Piers Herrmann, and their army of volunteers for organising such a really good evening and celebratory meal which also raised just short of £1000. What a great way to start a whole new way forward for NRC! Full pictures will be available on the website when I get my camera back!!!

Results for awards are available here: Final NRC 2015 Award Winners

 Yare Cup

 Full results are available here: Yare Cup 2015 Division 1 and Yare Cup 2015 Division 2

But a big well done to all whom competed! For those who did race please send your accounts of racing to norwichrowingclubnews@gmail.com as the account below only gives an account of the men’s squad who raced.

Jonny Littlewood who has returned to rowing after a nine year break and Carey Pearson, returning after a year away, completed the course in a novice double in a solid time of 15.14. Their time narrowly beat that of Oli Aston and Ed English, competing in their IM3 2x who finished in 15.17.

The senior men’s 4+ Callum Page, Ollie Negus, Carl Shiplee and Ed Youngs produced a good time of 13.33 the IM2 4+ division. It was a first taste of racing for Scot Parke, Andrew Rettie, Nick Sexton and Adrian Sweeney in their Novice 4x. Despite having issues with their boat they were still able to give their all throughout the race. Lots more to come from these four guys!

A good Start to the season for all the men including the ones who didn’t race. Training has been well attended in the last few weeks and there are a lot more squad members to come into the fold. Onwards and Upwards! Please update the availability spreadsheet to ensure you get out on the water.

 Norfolk Sculls Sat. 31st Oct:  Entries

As we are anticipating that there will be a significant demand on boats on this day please be aware that you MUST put your entry in via your Captain.  Once we know who is likely to race, and in what class, we can arrange boat usage between now and then. We will do our best to match crews with boats but please realise that there may be compromises. Entry details and the poster can be found here: http://www.norwichrowingclub.co.uk/events/events-norfolk-sculls/

Norfolk Sculls: Race One – Help One!

Races are a significant generator of funds for the club and we aim to give every competitor and their support the best day we can.

To this end we will need your help. The rule for NRC members is that if you race in one division you WILL help in the other. These tasks are not onerous and are a way in which you can learn how competitions work and appreciate how much goes into making them a success.  There will be requests for help coming out in the next couple of weeks.  Please keep your eyes open and be prepared to volunteer.  Thanks.

British Rowing Circuits with David Wynne

 David will be running the BR circuit to start on Monday 5th October at the same time as last year (6:30-8:30pm). It will start at in the old club house and move down to the new one once the kit arrives and weekly session timetable has been agreed,
The circuit will run until the HORR week, (inclusive of WeHOR and masters 8s head). There will be an option – if demand – to continue in the summer if demand. Cost £2pp per session
It is open to all NRC adults members whatever age or ability. Look forward to see you all on Monday evening to start our training ready for next season. What we put in over the winter pays dividends for the summer!

 Club Sunday

This Sunday (4th October) is the first Sunday of the month and so is Club Sunday.  Unfortunately Guy won’t be around but please ensure that if you see anyone looking a bit lost on Sunday morning you make an effort to involve them in your crew.  Feedback from the recent Masters Men’s meeting reinforced the effectiveness of these events.  They give people the chance to row in different combinations and with different people.

Tip of the Week

After a short holiday Tip of the Week returns!

Guy would like to use this week’s slot to give advance warning of an initiative to audit club equipment.  We will be marking equipment with the boat that it belongs to e.g.: seats, riggers, hatch covers, rudders (where applicable), etc.  We may need a crew member to mark up the boat they use most commonly.  This will help make rigging and re-rigging easier as well as identifying unused equipment which can be removed. Watch this space.


If you have decided that this coming season is going to be “The One” now is time to make plans.  Please discuss your aspirations with your Captain.  This may range from completing a ‘challenge row’ such as the Great Tyne Row or The Deben Row (both in Explore boats) to Henley and Worlds racing.  It may be that you want to get as far as Surlingham Ferry!  Whatever your aspirations please talk to your Captain now.

Kit order and hoodies 

 Eager ‘Facebook’ Beavers may have seen that a kit ordering window has opened on Godfrey. Get your orders in here: www.godfrey.co.uk/club/norwichrc

The window for ordering is open up until Sunday October 4. Remember, the more orders go in the cheaper kit will be!

In addition Hazel Meakin is organising an order of Norwich Rowing Club sweatshirts and hoodies. Fantastic against the cold and for club branding at upcoming head events, the order form is available here: NRC Sweatshirt order form

complete and return to Hazel Meakin in person or by email to the address specified on the form.


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