Events – Carrow Cup

Events – Carrow Cup

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171209 Carrow Cup Safety Plan 2017


Results for the 2015 race area as follows:

Carrow Cup Results 2015 Division 1

Carrow Cup Results 2015 Traditional 2

Carrow Cup Results 2015 Division 3

The Carrow Cup is for any rowing boat both traditional and fine racing hulls but not run under British Rowing rules, due to the diverse entry. The event dates back to 1813 when Norwich Boat men would compete for prize money in the city. Currently raced in four Divisions, two of which are on the traditional course between Pulls Ferry and the eastern end of the cut at Broadland RC. The single short division for novice and junior boats is raced from Carrow Bridge to the same finish as the long race. The single short for novice and junior boats from Carrow Bridge to the same finish as the long race. A separate division for traditional boat ranging from fixed seat gigs to skiffs is also raced. We encourage everyone to get in the Christmas spirit with a prize for the best dressed crew!

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EDP – River Wensum to host 70 boats in Norwich city centre for 200th Carrow Cup

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