11 Jun 2018

Captains report, boat maintenance, AGM notice

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From Shelagh, detailed Captains report, update on boat fleet, and notice of AGM 31 July. Includes details of new squad structures, skills sessions (sign up!), flexibility workshop (sign up), continued success of Learn2Row and Explore Rowing course.  Essential reading!

Report from Development Squad Captain and Boat Maintenance Team

Week ending 10th June 2018

There has been ongoing tidying of boatsheds, you may notice the new boatshed is clearer, and the trestles have been moved to between the NRC bays, up against the white metal cupboard. This is to allow more room to manoeuvre doubles and singles. Single sculls have been slightly rearranged to enable the racks to be pushed in against the wall, one of the junior swifts is now on the top rack above the Explores as it is a little bit shorter. Thank you to all those members who help with sweeping out boat-sheds and emptying bins. (the bin key lives on a hook under the stairs, bin bags are found near bins). Thank you to the heroes who tidy the bank every Monday and sweep the landing stage.

The Explore single on the bottom rack has  been converted from an unused adaptive boat into a regular Explore single. Please book Explore boats via WBF Sportsnoticeboard, they are popular boats.

The Explore double, Bure, has had the stroke rigger repaired, and a fix for the shoes is in progress. It’s back in action.

Boats in general are being well looked after, the wash’n’wax and sponges are clearly a helpful addition to the cleaning regime, more on order. To clean slides, you can use the wash’n’wax practically neat on a rag. Please remove the seat and clean the wheels at the same time. Please report to nrcrepairlog@gmail.com slides that have bumps in the middle – they are worn out!  When checking your boat prior to using it, remove the footplate and tighten the shoe screws if at all wobbly. A pozidrive screwdriver is all that is required, the screws work loose regularly.

The clean towels/dirty towels system is working well, thank you to the towel fairies!

Alison Neale has been brought down from top rack and placed on a rack where juniors can reach it. Alan Kingswell 4+ placed on high rack

Thank you for using the tennis ball pin protectors, Hull damage has practically stopped occurring. Hulls are next on the list for repairs, now the weather is warmer for the filler to Go Off. In the meantime, if you find a ding through the gelcoat, please report it to nrcrepairlog@gmail.com and use electrical tape to cover it. This will prevent water ingress into the honeycomb. Thank you.

If you notice a problem with any boat, no matter how minor, please report it to nrcrepairlog@gmail.com  using the boat name as the subject line and it will be added to the list for repairs.

Steering and lookout. Please be careful when approaching corners, no fast work around corners and look over both shoulders often. Novice single scullers and steers please stay to the correct side – look over alternate shoulders every 3 strokes. When turning, it is safest to cross the river diagonally first, then stop and spin. Do not spin in the middle of the river or on a bend. Practice your emergency stops! The BR module on coxing and steering is a must for all new steers and single scullers.https://www.britishrowing.org/knowledge/online-learning/coxing/introduction-to-coxing-steering/

There will be a series of land training sessions working on flexibility and core led by a physio soon, watch this space for further details.

The next three Wednesday evenings will see adult Skills Sessions in singles, led by Alicia Grix. If you are interested, please contact shelagh.tubby@gmail.com

Following a high retention of L2R, the restructuring of the Development squad into Development (9-11), Intermediate Women (7-9) and Intermediate Men (7-9) is going well. A Masters (9-11) squad will be added very soon.

The Vice-Captains for these new squads for the next six months are

Development – Ian Hall and Jack Stewart

Intermediate men – Jack Garaway

Intermediate Women – Sue Burrell and Sally Barter

Masters – Donald Grieve and Rob Kay

Coaching for these squads is provided by our superb team of volunteer coaches, Martin Tate, Nick Francis and Rob Kay.

If you would like to join in with the new squad structure, please contact Shelagh on shelagh.tubby@gmail.com

An Explore/Community rowing squad is in the pipeline – they will need volunteers to show them the hidden places that are accessible from our river. Please contact shelagh.tubby@gmail.com if you can share that knowledge. Next weekend is our very first Explore the Broads tour (Lowestoft to Norwich, with a stopover in Cantley) , organised by Carrie Gilbert and Francis Kemp. There will be a late lunch served for the Tour rowers at NRC on Sunday 17th June.

Specific boats that have had attention this week –

Roger Croome. 4x

  • Tape up Hull damage from Peterborough. Not required (scuff only). Whole hull to be reviewed for spot repairs.

  • Assess footwell matting for repair. Not done.

  • Fit better gates if available. To be purchased.

  • Spans and heights checked and corrected.

Grace 1x

  • Fit bow canvas bung. Temporary repair, to purchase new

  • Check pitches and adjust. Span adjusted. Main problem bowside gate set 35mm higher than strokeside.

  • Check for bent pin. Lateral pitch on strokeside reduced by 1degree. Pin not bent, rigger slightly bent.

  • Slide runners worn out (unreported). Replaced.

4AX.  1x

  • Replacement slides. Slides replaced

Ziggy 1x

  • Assess footwell matting for repair. Not done.

  • Slide replacement required. Not required, slide runners and wheels cleaned.

  • Bottom stretcher retaining bolt and nut missing (not reported), replaced.

Colin: 8+

  • Bodywork repairs. Deferred, time constraints

  • Re-rig. Deferred. Deferred, time constraints

Vauxhall Nova 2x:

  • old steering gear to be checked after reinstatement. (speak with J.Baker)

Flamingo Dave./John Jerrold 4-

  • Check re-rigging and ongoing boat usage.

  • NRC 2 4- to use F.D until HRR.

  • Flamingo Dave reverse rigged stroked from bowside until H.R.R.

  • F.D. Footplates wornout, need replacement, shoe screws being pulled through the holes or simply coming undone.

  • F.D. spans and height checked and adjusted where necessary.

  • Steering gear readjusted


  • Re-rack 4s in old boathouse. Continued rigger and back stay organisation.

  • Temporary taping up of damage to hulls in anticipation of hull repairs.

And Finally, a date for the AGM has been set. Tuesday 31st July at 6:30pm.

A list of volunteer roles that need filling, with job descriptions will be circulated soon.


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