09 Jul 2018

Capsize training – all members should attend

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All adult members are strongly encouraged to attend Capsize and Recovery training at the Outdoor Education Centre on either Friday 27th July or Friday 3rd August.
There will be a 6pm and a 7pm session on both days: please arrive promptly at WOEC at that time.
Please sign up for one session here  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dDR_rKvevfNF_LmCJGlkbWkQm1oKAMwH_-IjVHU66A4/edit?usp=sharing     Priority will be given to those who have not attended such training previously.
There will be no cost. The event will be lead by qualified club coaches and the club water safety advisor, with support from WOEC staff and lifeguards.   You should wear normal summer rowing gear and a T shirt for the drill itself. Bring other warm clothing and a change of clothes as necessary.
All new members, recent and current Learn2Row members are required to attend as you will not have completed this training.  In addition, all members should consider refreshing their skills and understanding of best practice every three years.  Everyone falls in at sometime, and this will help you and your fellow crewmates deal with the emergency and minimise potential harm.    Club records will be amended to record those attending.
Norwich Rowing Club follows RowSafe guidance in respect of all safety matters and RowSafe requires that:
Everyone is expected to: 
• Know what to do in the event of capsize or swamping. 
• Understand the need to stay with the boat and use it as a life raft, unless doing so results in greater danger. 
• Take precautions before going afloat to reduce the risk of capsize or swamping. 
• Understand that the key steps are to: 
  • Get free from the boat, 
  • Get out of the water, and
  • Get off the water. 
• Attend any Capsize and Recovery training offered by the club.”  RowSafe 3.7
All members are encouraged to watch this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcPE8-gENLo, and read this document on the effects of cold water immersion https://www.rowhow.org/free/cold_water_course/story_html5.html?lms=1.
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