18 Jul 2018

Boat maintenance update

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Work on Norwich Rowing Club Boats June/July 2018 Below is a list of work done on boats in the fleet over the past few weeks. But firstly an example of the kind of problems we face as well as the unavoidable accidental damage.
Firstly we am sharing an issue with you that illustrates a problem we face within the Club, this does not represent the behaviour of many but unfortunately highlights the attitude of a small minority.
Norfolk Broads:

A hole was put right through the shell of this boat sometime during the last few days in June, at the same time a seat was removed and left lying about in the boat rigging area.
Neither damage, nor the seat problem were reported. These irresponsible actions relied on other more conscientious members identifying the damage and finding the seat so that repairs could be reported and damage rectified.
Please could all members check boats thoroughly before and after all outing and report damage immediately, this enable us to address issues as quickly as possible and keep as many boats on the water as is possible at all times.

Repairs Done in the last few weeks. Norfolk Broads. 4x • Hole in the shell repaired with epoxy filler and matting insert.
• Repaired numerous dints to the shell (mostly caused by catching riggers getting it on and off the racks. Please use enough people to get the boat out, remove launches to give maximum space and prop up the boat above to lift it’s riggers…all thes action help reduce damage potential).
• Rebuilt stern and bows of the shell removing deep chips and heavily scraped sections.
• All repairs finished by sanding filler flush to the shell, respraying with undercoat and topcoat, T.Cut and polished.
• Seat found and wheel repaired, seat refitted
Colin McDougall. 8+ • 2 small puncture holes repaired.
• Numerous previous filler repairs sanded back and finished off.
• Large gouge in bows repaired and bow rebuilt to original profile.
• All repairs finished by sanding filler flush to the shell, respraying with undercoat and topcoat, T.Cut and polished.
Roger Croome 4x Bowden Steering Gear fitted. All of the 4x/4- fleet now have self adjusting Bowden systems fitted, this means that no steering cable adjustments need to be made if stretchers have to be adjusted. If adjustments are made then it can mess up the system for the next user, please avoid doing this if at all possible. Flamingo Dave 4- New footplates fitted, old ones worn out, holes spread and no longer holding the shoe fixing screws.
4Ax. 1x Replacement slides fitted

Grace 1x • Span, pitch and heights readjusted.
• Bow canvas bung, temporary repair.
Vauxhaul Nova 2x • Steering gear checked. A number of sets of sculling blade have been adjusted, standardising lengths and inboard measurements. If you use them in a 1x then please use the clams available in a bag hanging by the blade in boathouse. Please do not change the position of the buttons on Club sculls. 4 boats have been identified with broken shoulders and we are investigating repairs to them in an attempt to keep the boats in the fleet for a bit longer whilst we ‘save up’ to try and accrue the funds to rebuild sections of the fleet with newer equipment. As a result of this the following are currently out of action; Clive 1x Alex Fitzgerald 1x Humphrey Boardman 2x (Tom Harmer is in use but does have a broken shoulder) Please bear with us on these we need to liaise with a boat repairer to get these done. Wintech 210 2x is back with us now and we are refitting it over the next couple of weeks Many thanks
The Boat Maintenance Team

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